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Maroni Cuisine is the first restaurant I went to after moving to Long Island where I knew everything would be okay in Foodie Land.  We went with our friends The Newlyweds a year and a half ago on the night of a major snowstorm and pretty much had the Northport establishment to ourselves. We went back there with them again this summer on the verge of Hurricane Irene and apparently everyone else had the  same idea: eat well while you can! We happily shared the small space with other Maroni lovers, indulging in their multi-course tasting menu and rolling out into the night several hours later with full bellies and smiling faces.

If you haven’t been, you should know a few things about Maroni’s before going there. First, the food is excellent, inspired, and never-ending. Second, it’s one price fits all – pony up your $125 a head and you’ll be served more food than you can handle in addition to a bottomless glass of wine or beer (eat earlier and you can shave a few dollars off of that price). When  you take into consideration how much an alcohol tab can be in most restaurants, the price becomes even more attractive. Third, you will be smooshed into a tight space, but you won’t care because you’ll be surrounded by fellow Foodies while jamming out to Beatles tunes. Fourth, although you’ll leave vowing to never eat for the next 2 days, you’d be wise to take whatever handouts they’re giving as you head towards the door (our first trip was a jar of Maroni’s sauce & a scrumptious round foccacia; our second trip it was divine garlic pizza-bread). And lastly, the menu is never the same twice which means you’ll never get bored.

Now, on to the food in the order in which it was bestowed upon us:

Potato chip with caviar & creme fraiche and a shot of creamy lobster bisque

Green quail eggs & ham

Chinese dumplings

Lamb osso bucco

Philly cheesesteak egg roll (no photo) There are a few of these. The food comes at you fast & furious at times, making it hard to tell your table mates to keep their paws off while you prance around taking photos.

Cold seafood platter with snow crab legs, oysters and shrimp

Lamb egg roll (no photo)

Bone marrow with toasts

Grilled t-bone lamb chop with toast

Grilled Brazilian pink shrimp (no photo)

Thai spring rolls with snow crab and shrimp in panko

Baby baked stuffed clams

Memphis style ribs

Japanese-style yellowfin tuna with seaweed

Truffled grilled cheese explosion / Sicilian seafood salad

Chef’s Secret Spring Roll (and yes, I guessed correctly what it was, but no, I’m not telling. Dee-licious!) Ate it so fast there was no photo.

Mama Maroni’s meatballs

Butter-poached lobster & potato puree on a spoon / Lobster salad atop a Serrano ham chip

Chicken Milanese with fresh mozzarella and a sweet balsamic reduction

Homemade spaghetti pomodoro, Tuscan style

Fish piccata with lemon sauce & crispy capers

Kobe cheeseburgers with tater tots

Dessert: creme brulee, chocolate mousse with marshmallow topping, marshmallow lollipop, mini ice cream cookies (chipwich & oreo) and yes, I forgot what one was!

Service: wonderful! Our main waitress was the lovely Amber and she answered all of our questions with patience and humor. The assorted food “runners” bringing food to our table were nice, and Mike Maroni’s wife Maria was as charming as we remembered. This is the kind of place where you feel like you’re family. As we waited outside for our table, we were asked what we would like to drink (red or white wine) and it was brought out to us immediately which really set the stage for a good evening as we watched the hot pink sun set over the Northport harbor.

Bottom Line: If you’re a Foodie, you want to eat here. No if’s, and’s or but’s. We’ve eaten here twice now in as many years and it remains consistently strong in delivering amazingly delicious food. Caveat: if you’re looking for a long, lingering, quiet romantic dinner with your sweetheart then look elsewhere. If you want to feel like you’re dining on the finest food NY has to offer without any hint of attitude, look no further.

Details: Maroni Cuisine / 18 Woodbine Avenue / Northport, NY 11768 / 631-757-4500

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4 Responses to Maroni Cuisine / review

  1. val lilian says:

    This brought back wonderful memories. Max and I ate there about two years ago. Each morsel was to die for, and we thought each course could not get better, but it did! The place was recommended by the dds that I work for.

  2. GD says:

    Great special occasion spot. Each of the 20+ courses is better than the last. The best slider I’ve ever had. Also, never ate cheesecake until I tried it here – to die for!!! My mouth is now salivating…

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  4. Darlin' Dale says:

    I’m not even sure what to comment on – amazing!! …. I don’t think I can handle all those different types of food in one meal (stomach!) but it looks wonderful.. I’ve always wanted to go. Is this the way it’s always served – 23 courses? I’ll have to wear the pants with the elastic waistband!!

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