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When you meet a fellow Foodie, a person who can wax poetic and obsess about food the same way that you do, it’s a wonderful feeling.  (It can also make the non-Foodies around you groan and roll their eyes, but hey – they’re probably not reading this post anyway, so let’s get back to Us, shall we?)  It was with some surprise that I found out this summer that I have a local cousin by marriage who’s also a Foodie and has her own blog called Odd Jobs Mama. When OJM and I get together, there’s little talk of anything else besides the Where & What of food we’ve recently enjoyed. So when OJM rapturously raved about the Kobe beef sliders at Mirabelle Tavern, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be rapping (er, wrapping) my lips around those juicy beef spheres.

Mirabelle Tavern is one of the two dining establishments located in the charming Three Village Inn. As soon as we stepped out of our car and walked up to the white-washed historical building, I felt as if I had been transported back to a kinder, gentler America – something reminiscent of Nantucket or Somewhere In Time (I still cry every damn time I hear that song).

The Tavern itself evoked a sense of French provincial charm, mostly due to the blonde wood and clean lines in the room.  A long bar and 2 tall farmers tables allow for good group gatherings in the bar area, while the rear of the room offers table service in a quieter area.

There’s also a charming interior courtyard with a few seats where you can sit amongst hanging plants while enjoying your drinks or appetizers. Since we went on Wine Down Wednesday, my dry Spanish rose was half price, as were all the wines on their list. At $4.50 for a large pour of delicious wine, I was a happy camper. And then there’s what I dined on with all that fine vino…

Kobe Beef Sliders: a trio featuring bacon & cheese, jalapeno aioli, and ketchup ($12)

We had to try these because if we didn’t then OJM would have killed me. But I have to say that I’ve had better. There was nothing discernible in the taste that said “Kobe beef”. And while it was cooked to order at medium-rare, I think I would have been happier with their famous Tavern Burger featuring bacon marmalade. Don’t get me wrong – these weren’t bad, but their other dishes were so much better that I simply wouldn’t order these again. Sorry OJM!

Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad with Fresh Mint ($6)

Architecturally gorgeous, this “salad” was light, sweet and salty all at once. The watermelon was at its peak, the slice of feta contrasted with the fruit and the tiny mint leaf gave each bite that extra essence to pull the dish together. Lovely!

Chickpea Fries with sriracha mayonnaise ($6)

I’m not above admitting when I’m wrong. So I’d like to say to Meatlovin’ Man: I was wrong. You were right. Thank goodness you didn’t listen to me when I blustered on about how it didn’t make sense to order fries as an appetizer when we were getting fries with our Fish & Chips entree. Because I would have missed out on a hidden gem. These Chickpea Fries are DELICIOUS! They were nothing as I imagined they would be, and bore no resemblance to chickpeas whatsoever. Instead, imagine that your Grandma made her super smooth, creamy mashed potatoes, then chilled them, cut them into long rectangles, tossed in a little flour, then fried til golden. What you’d get is what we had the pleasure of eating: soft, warm, creamy pureed chickpeas (if they say so) hidden in a crispy outside with spicy mayo on the side if you feel like kicking it up a notch. Absolutely Delicious. Order them, you won’t be disappointed.

Cheese Plate & Charcuterie Plate ($15 each)

The cheese plate featured Humboldt Fog, which means I was immediately sent into a lusty daze and didn’t pay too much attention to anything else on the plate. The apple butter puree was a nice accompaniment along with the raisin bread toasts, but I must say the platter did skimp out on the other cheeses. The charcuterie had a large assortment of cured meats and divine sweet-pickled veggie and was a much better value for the money.

Fish & Chips featuring two kinds of chips and tartar sauce ($16)

Love, love, love Mirabelle Tavern’s fish & chips! I believe they used Branzino for the fish and it was super-moist, thick & flaky with not a hint of fishiness. Meatlovin’ Man remarked that many places make this dish with batter is too thick and almost bread-like – not here! The outside layer of the fish was crispy, light, golden and overall perfect. I’ve never enjoyed fish & chips more, not even in the UK.

There was no room for dessert, we had simply eaten too much. But there’s always next time…

Bottom Line: GO! This is one of those places where you feel relaxed and casual because the staff is so good at making you feel completely taken care of in a comfortable way. All the better that the food served is of excellent quality and execution, but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less of a Lessings establishment. If you prefer outdoor dining in the summer, you may also take your meal on the terrace in front of the Three Village Inn, which is where we enjoyed our last glass of wine as the sun set and the birds nested in the trees above. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be one of my “let’s go there again” favorites.

Details: Mirabelle Tavern at the Three Village Inn / 150 Main Street / Stony Brook NY 111790 / 631-751-0555 / website

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One Response to Mirabelle Tavern / review

  1. Wendie says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself. My meat lovin man did get the tavern burger and loved every delicious, perfectly cooked bite. The french fries were served in a large ramekin with parchment paper. They were fresh potatoes then cooked to a crispy excellence, golden brown and steaming hot!
    Sorry the sliders didn’t agree with you as much = the jalapeno aioli sent us over the edge.
    Looking forward to a foodie outting with you soon!

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